Hobart Football Club to play SFL Reserves

Tonight the SFL Board met to discuss a request from the Hobart Football Club to be given permission to play reserves only in 2023.

The Board endorsed Hobart’s request and agreed to allow the club to field a stand alone reserves team for the 2023 season and allow them the time to ensure they are able to return to a seniors and reserves model in 2024.

The Board also agreed in Hobart Football Club permitting senior players to other clubs for the 2023 season to allow them to pursue their football careers this year whilst allowing the Hobart Football club the opportunity to discuss with those permitted players the plans for the 2024 season at the conclusion of the 2023 season and provide those players an option to either return to the HFC or to continue their football journey at another club under the normal club transfer and clearance arrangements.

There will also be discussions with clubs regarding rostering of the Hobart games to maximize the benefits for all clubs.

We acknowledge this is an unusual set of circumstances facing the club and commend the work of the Hobart Football club faithful for coming together and doing the work required to take the first step in ensuring the clubs long term survival.

The SFL Executive will work with the Hobart Football Club to develop pathways and identify areas to be addressed to give them the best chance to return to full playing capacity in 2024.

The SFL, on behalf of all the SFL Clubs, thank the football community for their support of the Hobart Football Club during what has been a extremely difficult time for the club.

All clubs are looking forward to the competition getting under way in the Mens comp on Good Friday and the Women’s leagues soon after in what will be a bumper season.