Inaugrual SFLW Women in Football Breakfast

The Inaugural Wrest Point SFL Women’s football breakfast was a resounding success, with an impressive turnout of 300 attendees. The event was filled with excitement and anticipation as it showcased the growing popularity and recognition of women’s football in the community.

The breakfast was an opportunity for the announcement of the Senior and Under 20 teams and captains for the upcoming representative games this weekend. With (name here) and (name here) named to lead the sides.

Another significant moment was the unveiling of the SFL awards named after trailblazers of women’s football. These awards honour the achievements and contributions of those who have paved the way for women’s football and have made a lasting impact on the sport. This announcement served as a reminder of the rich history and ongoing progress in women’s football, while also acknowledging the importance of recognizing and celebrating those who have made significant strides in the game.

Additionally, the breakfast featured a captivating interview conducted by Katelyn Barry with AFLW star and Western Bulldogs Captain Ellie Blackburn. This interview provided an exclusive opportunity for the attendees to gain insights into Blackburn’s journey, experiences, and perspectives as a prominent figure in the AFLW. It offered valuable inspiration and encouragement to the aspiring female footballers in the audience, as they heard firsthand about the process and triumphs faced by a successful athlete in the industry.

Overall, the breakfast was a memorable event, bringing together a diverse range of individuals passionate about women’s football, continuing the growing significance and support for women’s football within the community.

SFLW rep games at NHO this weekend:

Saturday 10 June


Monday 12 June
11am SFLW u/20 v NWFLW u/20