Nomniations called for SFLW All Star Selection

This year sees the return of the Women’s all Stars series with the SFLW hosting the two northern sides in June 2023.

Trainings will start the following Wednesday 24th, 31st of May and June 7th with the breakfast on Friday 9th June.

Nominations for selection in the senior squad and the Under 20s squad are requested from clubs. Players nominated for seniors that are able to play down, based upon their age, should be noted/asterisked.

Although not exclusive to Division 1, Division 2/3 players nominated should be stand out players in their division and equivalent to the best players in Division 1.

Tassie Devils – due to game scheduling and training loads and, importantly the rep teams reflect community football engagement, regular Devils players will be unavailable for selection.

Club Coaches are invited to nominate players they beleive should be considered for selection by May 12.